Mother in good Shape

mother in good shapeBefore you start to pick up at dawn to feed or change diapers, you should recharge your batteries. Later it will be difficult to find time for yourself. So take advantage of the time left. One of best way to start workout is to sign up immediately for regular activities such as a fitness club (or wellness). Where you use not only the typical gym and aerobics. For example, one of the city’s Parks Fitness introduced the distinction between general development activities (eg choreography and balls), dance (encourages the sensual dance) Body & Mind (includes among others: Ashtanga Yoga, which is a good way to relieve stress) and specialist (including pregnant women). Continue reading

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Is my mother…

Hypochondriac motherHypochondriac
Hypochondriac mother without respite is looking for symptoms of various diseases in their children. Constantly measures the temperature of her son or daughter. Instantly react to every little runny nose or cough, pulling from her well-stocked first aid kit appropriate medicine. She got a dozen phone numbers for doctors of various specializations. Her number one reading is a 12-volume encyclopedia of health. This style of parenting in a straight line leads to “grow” a little hypochondriac child for whom every cold and headache will be treated as a potential life threat. Such a child may live in constant fear.

…or maybe…

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Mother’s Day – idea for gift

idea for giftOn this occasion, we would like to give our moms a special gift – one that will not only make a lot of fun, but also will be an expression of our concern. A good solution is the purchase of sunglasses that are not only stylish accessory, but also protect the eyes from harmful sunlight.
As every year many people wonder what should they buy for mother to celebrate her feast. Some good proposal for an interesting gifts for the spring – summer season will prove to be extremely useful to our moms.
Good idea for a gift can be a fashionable hat. Hats are a fashionable complement of every woman’s wardrobe. Hats are not only shield of sensitive skin against excess UV radiation, but also allows our mothers to remain the center of attention wherever they go. Continue reading

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How to dress while pregnant?

nice dress while pregnantEvery pregnant mother wants to look and feel healthy and beautiful. However, completion of clothing often during pregnancy is not easy …

In connection with the enlargement of the breast and their tendency to sag you should wear a bra that supports the breast from the bottom. Bra should be larger and should lift the nipple in the direction of opposite arm. It is also important that the straps are relatively broad and not very flexible. Underwear should be made of natural fibers (such as cotton). Continue reading

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